Number: Name: Manufacturer: Quantity: Description:
264 Small Shoe Brace ProCare 1

Good Condition; Black in Color

265 X-Large Knee Brace EZY Wrap 1

Good Condition; Red in Color

27 Bathroom Bathtub Step 1

Step in the bathtub safely

Condition:  Good


27 Bathroom Non Slip Clear Mat 1

Clear Mat

Condition:  Good


29 Cane Adjustable Single Foot 1

Condition:  Good

Located:  Big Oak

3 Walker Guardian 1

2 wheels, folding, 300 lb capacity

Condition:  Good


30 Wooden Cane (Non Adjustable) 1

No grip on handle, no grip on bottom of cane

Condition:  Good


31 Blue Patterned Cane (Adjustable) 1

Nice big handle gripper

Condition:  Good


32 Brace - Bionic Knee Brace 1

Brand new! Wrap around with velco

Condition:  New


33 Brace - Hip to Knee 1

Wrap around with velco straps

Condition:  Good


34 Brace - Waist Brace 1

48 inches X 6 inches Long

Condition:  Good


35 Knee Brace 1

Blue and Black, slip on

Condition:  Good


36 Back Brace 1

Wrap around white velco for back

Condition:  Good


37 Ice Pack with Cloth Covering (Reuseable) 1

ice packs slip into cloth bags

Condition:  Good


38 Bedside Commode Invacare 1

white, metal and plastic

Condition:  Very Good


39 Turquoise Wheelchair 1

17″ seat, well used but functional

Condition:  Fair


4 Walker Invacare 1

2 wheels,  partial folding, 300 lb capacity

Fair Condition: Requires a bolt be tightened to attach crossbar


40 Black Cane Singe Foot (Adjustable) 1

Condition:  Good

Located:  Big Oak

41 Oxygen Tank Caddy with Regulator (no tank) 1

Condition:  Good


42 Plasma Flow Device 1

For Legs

Condition:  New


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